LP777 The Music Message
LP824 Commandments of Dub Part 1*
LP831 Brimstone and Fire
LP833 Revelation Songs
LP841 Commandments of Dub Part 2
LP844 Fly Me Away (Junior Brown)
LP845 King's Music
LP846 The Right Way (Twinkle/Shaka)
LP847 Commandments of Dub Part 3*
LP848 Message from Adrica
LP849 Shaka Meets Pepper
LP850 Shaka Meets Aswad
LP851 Commandments of Dub Part 4
LP856 Commandments of Dub Part 5
LP857 Hits From The House
LP860 Commandments of Dub Part 6
LP861 Jah Works (Vivian Jones)
LP866 Jah Jah Way (Sis Nya)
LP867 Commandments of Dub Part 7
LP868 Commandments of Dub Part 8
LP871 The Disciples Part 1*
LP872 Commandments of Dub Part 9*
LP873 My Prayer (Jah Shaka)
LP875 Ironworks Part 1 (Dread & Fred)
LP915 On High - Ironworks Part 2 (Dread & Fred)*
LP916 Commandments of Dub Part 10*
LP917 Rasta Surface*
LP921 Fari Is The Captain of My Ship (Max Romeo)*
LP922 Natty With A Cause (Willy Williams)*
LP923 New Testaments of Dub Chapter 1*
LP924 The Disciples Part 2 - Addis Ababa
LP935 In the Ghetto (Jah Shaka)*
LP936 New Testaments of Dub Chapter 2*
LP937 African Chant - Ironworks Part 3*
LP938 The Disciples Part 3 - The Lion
LP940 Dub Salute 1 (Horace Andy dub)*
LP941 Dub Salute 2 (Icho Candy dub)*
LP942 Dub Salute 3 (Willy Williams dub)*
LP947 Shaka Meets (Horace Andy*
LP948 Glory To The King (Icho Candy)*
LP949 See Me (Willy Williams)*
LP951 Our Rights (Max Romeo)*
LP952 Jah Children Gather Round (Prince Allah)*
LP953 Dub Salute 4 (Max Romeo dub)*
LP954 Dub Salute 5 (Rasta Surface dub)*
LP989 Fari Ship Dub*


* Available on Compact Disc




812 To Be Poor is a Crime/My God Still Cool
822 Warriors/Right Flight Junior Brown
842 Babylon/Got To Be Strong Johnny Clark
843 The Rastaman/One Family Jah Shaka
852 Got To Know/Dub Jah Shaka
853 King of Kings/Lord of Lords Pablo Gad
855 Mob Fury/Faith Can Move Mountains Twinkle Bros
859 Red Eyes/Got A Light Vivian Jones
863 Jah Works/Roots Rock Vibes Vivian Jones
864 Jah Jah Way/Dub Sis Nya
865 Giver Of Life/Dub Jah Shaka
870 Warrior Stance/Warrior Advance Dread and Fred
874 Just Infactuation Gregory Isaacs
876 Rosie/Dub Johnny Clarke
943 Little Black Girl/Africa Horace Andy