King Shiloh and Paradiso proudly present the LATEST edition of living sound system culture live n direct in Amsterdam! A BRAND NEW DubClubY2K Special. Chapter 8.

As the sound of bombs and missiles continue to echo around the Middle East, in Amsterdam heavyweight reggae bass-lines are going to reverberate once again around Paradiso. Earth shaking Reggae vibes. Positive musical upliftment in these times of trouble. Dub edutainment.

As the architects of war press on with their campaign of destruction King Shiloh forward with a constructive roots n culture protest against the senseless fighting. MAKE DUB NOT WAR features a three way crucial connection of top European sounds, united as one against the violence and strife.

>From South Germany, for the first time in Holland, we introduce the uprising I-shence Rockers sound ft MC Purple Star, Irie Ivo and Jahcoustix. Setting the right foundation for a red hot night in Paradiso!
Lifting the vibes even higher and live n direct from the UK, we present the irresistable Vibronics, ft. Stevie Vibronics, Richie Roots and Singer Madu. Existing outings on Zion Trains' Universal Egg label and a host of new releases on their own Scoops inprint confirm their credentials as top Dub producers and recording artists. Watch them light up the place!
Last but not least, Amsterdam residents King Shiloh Sound System. The so called Healing of The Nations formation in full effect playing on their full 24kw turbo-charged set. MC Ras Lion running preceedings, Bredda Neil controlling the set and Lyrical Benjie crucial on the mike!

Each n eveyone is invited to come together in unity and love, under the banner of the red, gold and green, to peacefully join the protest against the continuing bloodshed. Feel the music and feel the vibes. MAKE DUB NOT WAR!

DUBCLUBY2K Special Part 8
21 April 2003, Paradiso, Amsterdam
doors open at 21:00 until 03:30
nice price gate damage 11 euro dollars + lid.